Community and Landholder Liaison Program

Updated 18 May 2017

Force Commodities Company Limited (Force Commodities) is the holder of various Exploration Licenses in the following Local Government Areas (Click on the LGA for a plan of license area):

Force Commodities carries out Prospecting Operations from time to time on the License Areas. No Prospecting Operations are conducted without the prior written consent of the landholder and without an Access and Compensation Agreement being concluded with the landholder.

Exploration is conducted with the view to discovering commercial quantities of Group 1 minerals (precious and base metals).

This document outlines Force Commodities’s policy with respect to its Community and Landholder Liaison Program (CLLP) obligations.

The purpose of the CLLP is to provide a management framework, which will assist Force Commodities to identify and consult with landholders in the License Areas. Additionally, it describes the engagement approach that is used as part of the CLLP.

The key principles of the program include:

  • Responding to landholder enquiries in a timely and factual manner
  • Providing information to stakeholders ahead of significant exploration activities

Force Commodities endevours to promote good relationships with landholders in a manner that will enable it to carry out its exploration activities in a responsible and effective manner, whilst respecting the needs of landholders and the local community.

One of the objectives of the CLLP is to provide an effective means of communication with all landholders and other stakeholders.

Other objectives include recording feedback from all stakeholders and providing measures to address specific landholder enquiries. The consultation process and the means of dealing with landholder enquiries are outlined below:

Consultation Process:

  • Identify location of proposed activities
  • Contact landholder
  • Negotiate a suitable Access and Compensation Agreement
  • Advise neighbouring properties
  • Commence Prospecting Operations

Management of Landholder Enquiries:

  • Community Liaison Officer (CLO) receives enquiry and details of enquiry are logged
  • CLO responds directly and resolves enquiry
  • CLO responds and requests an agreed time frame for resolution of enquiry
  • Enquiry resolved

The CLO is responsible for ensuring that the CLLP is implemented and ensuring that the program is maintained and monitored in accordance with the exploration licence conditions. The CLO must ensure that an information line is available and operational.

Prospecting Operations can include:

  • Ground Surveys
  • Stream Sampling
  • Soil Sampling
  • Rock Sampling
  • Drilling
  • Costeaning

It should be noted that the Exploration Licences include conditions with respect to environmental management and details the approvals required by Force Commodities before it conducts any Prospecting Operations. Planned exploration activities in EL7679 to 31 December 2015 include: ongoing Interpretation of Airborne VTEM Survey, rock and soil sampling, foot and vehicular traverses, geological mapping.

Force Commodities obtains the necessary approvals before the commencement of any Prospecting Operations. Further the Company has complete confidence in the Environmental Sustainability Unit of the Mineral Resources Division of Resources and Energy in the Department of Trade & Investment, Regional Infrastructure & Services who assess the environmental impact of any Prospecting Operations.

Access and Compensation Agreements are entered into with the relevant Landholders.

Generally Prospecting Operations occur between 7.00 am and 6.00 pm, Mondays to Fridays and between 8.00 am and 1.00 pm on Saturdays. No Prospecting Operations take place during Sundays, public holidays or outside these hours without the express consent of the affected landholders.

Information regarding Sovereign Gold’s activities are available to landholders and other stakeholders initially by:

  • Accessing this Community and Landholder Liaison Program on the Sovereign Gold website
  • Communication with Council
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Email updates
  • Personal communication

Should activities increase significantly in scope or range, the dissemination of information will be scaled up to an appropriate level.

Landholders, other stakeholders and members of the community are invited to make enquiries about Sovereign Gold’s Projects by contacting the CLO, details of which (including an after hours voice mail system) are given below:

Community Liaison Officer

T: 08 9328 9368 | E: | W:

Landholders, other stakeholders and interested parties are referred to the following NSW Department Trade and Investments – Resources & Energy web site for further information on landholder rights.

Information regarding Force Commodities can be accessed from their web site at:

The CLLP will be reviewed on a continual basis and improvements made where appropriate. Changes to the CLLP as a result of consultation with the landholders, other stakeholders and the community will be posted on the Company’s website during the course of exploration activities.

Licence No/ Project

EL 4474 Halls Peak

Exploration Activities Completed: 3 months to 31 March 2017

Ongoing Interpretation of Airborne VTEM Survey, drilling, rock and soil sampling, foot and vehicular traverses, geological mapping.

Exploration Activities Planned 3 months to 30 June 2017

Drilling program is to anticipated to commence mid to late June at the Gibson’s mine site with an estimated duration of 3 to 4 weeks. Drilling is utilising existing cleared areas within the historic mine area. All drilling will be rehabilitated as required under the lease conditions.

Latest ASX Announcement

Halls Peak Project Update

EL 5339 Halls Peak

Ongoing Interpretation of Airborne VTEM Survey, rock and soil sampling, foot and vehicular traverses, geological mapping

Planning environmental studies

EL 7679 Halls Peak

Ongoing Interpretation of Airborne VTEM Survey, rock and soil sampling, foot and traverses, geological mapping

EL 6372 Mt Adrah

The company is currently undertaking field drill-site validation to finalise its plans to test the high grade White Deer Reef at the Mt Adrah Gold Project.

Application for a common exploration activity approved by Environmental Sustainability Unit of the Department of Mineral Resources.

The drilling program will comprise 1,300 metres of diamond drilling and is anticipated to commence in May 2017.